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[Picture Book Review] Barty Barton by Sue Wickstead

Barty Barton: The bear that was loved too much
What happens when we outgrow our teddy bears?
Should we let them go?
Thomas loved his teddy bear, but over the years, Barty had become tatty and old.
However, Barty was no ordinary teddy bear, and he wasn’t about to give up on being loved.

[Book Review] Sweet Pastries and Sourdough by Rosie Green

Anita’s job at the True Loaf Bakery is only temporary, but she finds herself drawn ever deeper into life in the village – especially when she finds a child’s bracelet from long ago, in the rubble of the newly-renovated building. Solving the mystery of who it belongs to takes Anita on a journey of discovery – a journey that might just help her discover what her own heart really needs…