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What is a Novella?

A novella is a piece of standalone prose fiction that’s not as long as a novel, yet not as short as a short story/novelette. In brief, a novella is a short novel.

Limp Binding

Limp binding is a bookbinding method wherein a book has supple sides made of cloth, leather, or paper instead of hardback covers. When the material is vellum, the method of bookbinding is known as limp vellum.

Juvenilia: Early Printed Books

Juvenilia are literary, musical, or artistic works of artists in their childhood or youth. Juvenilia are usually published many years later after they have been composed—if they’re published at all—as the childhood works of a famous person.

Glassine Paper

Glassine paper is a smooth, translucent, and glossy paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease. Traditionally, it is used to store drawings, maps, watercolors, etchings, or prints.