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  • What is a Novella?

    A novella is a piece of standalone prose fiction that’s not as long as a novel, yet not as short as a short story/novelette. In brief, a novella is a short novel.

  • Medieval Marginalia

    Marginalia refers to anything written or drawn in the margins of a book. It could be in the form of scribbles, doodles, illustrations, or glosses. 

  • Limp Binding

    Limp binding is a bookbinding method wherein a book has supple sides made of cloth, leather, or paper instead of hardback covers. When the material is vellum, the method of bookbinding is known as limp vellum.

  • Kerning: Space between Letters

    Kerning refers to the process of adjusting the space between two individual letters to improve legibility. This gives a typeface its relative tightness or openness.

  • [Book Review] A Mirror Murder by Helen Hollick

    Eighteen-year-old library assistant Jan Christopher’s life is to change on a rainy Friday evening in July 1971, when her legal guardian and uncle, DCI Toby Christopher, gives her a lift home after work. Driving the car, is her uncle’s new Detective Constable, Laurie Walker – and it is love at first sight for the young couple.