[Blogchatter EBook Review] Tech Tales by Jayanthi K. Manikandan

Title: Tech Tales

Author: Jayanthi K. Manikandan

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My Review of Tech Tales

If you feel as bewildered and uncomfortable with the dizzying pace of technological change as I do, then Jayanthi’s Tech Tales is the right book for you. Every other day, I discover a “hot” new app that is supposedly indispensable and I grudgingly try to navigate its various features.

Tech Tales helps simplify some of the technical mumbo-jumbo for you by explaining them in easy-to-understand language. Threema, Clubhouse, Discord, DuckDuckGo, Signal, VirusTotal–you may have heard of these terms but do you really understand what happens?

I enjoyed the format of the chapters–Jayanthi presents a quick history and origins first and then goes on to present pertinent facts about the app, website, or search engine. She uses very little jargon and it’s easy enough for my technologically-challenged grandmother to understand.

To me, it seems like the chapters have a sort of overarching theme – cybersecurity and communication. Jayanthi has picked apps or websites that protect privacy, address security concerns, and make life easier by facilitating work.

Relevant links are included in each chapter so you can experience the app or website first-hand and explore its features. I think this is also a good way to test your understanding of the contents of the chapter.

I want to make special mention of the chapter on haveibeenpwned.com (Chapter 9). I discovered that my password had been leaked by a few websites that I use regularly. Following Jayanthi’s advice, I changed my passwords to protect further privacy invasions.

The last chapter on Whatsapp hacks is an eye-opener and many of us will be eager to try them.

Jayanthi has also thoughtfully included a quiz at the end to help you test your comprehension of the book. I am glad to report that I was able to get them all correct. (Perhaps she could include an answer key, too?)

I enjoyed reading Tech Tales because it is unlike other tech books that tend to be dry and boring. Jayanthi has successfully straddled the divide between readability and education. She’s stayed true to the title of the book, Tech Tales, for it indeed reads like a story!

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