[Book Review] The Safe Return by Ashley Wheelock

The Safe Return is a timely children’s picture book created by Ashley Wheelock. I’m grateful to Blackberry Book Tours for offering me a spot on the blog tour for this book.

Front cover

My Review of The Safe Return

The Safe Return is a story set in the pandemic that teaches children two important lessons. One, it is better to be safe than sorry. Two, when you fail, brush it off and try anew.

Life must go on as best as it can even in the midst of a raging pandemic. So, the children in the story wear masks when they go out cycling and keep a safe distance from each other throughout their time outside.

They care for their friends who are upset or hurt and help them feel better again. Thus, they return safely home at the end of the day.

The text has plenty of action words to describe all the movement that’s taking place as the children go out with their bicycles and ride through their neighborhood.

Different fonts have been used to distinguish between the ongoing story and the dialogue. Short phrases are used to convey the activity that takes place, moving the story forward. This technique works to keep the focus firmly on the flow of the story.

The colorful illustrations (which I think are watercolors) fill the entire page and the text is unobtrusively placed at the bottom. Since this is a children’s book, I felt that the font size should have been bigger to make it easier to read.

The Safe Return shows children how to be safe, how to be kind, and how to look out for each other. It’s a great lesson in community building and safety.

(I received a review copy from Kristy at Blackberry Book Tours with a request for an honest review.)

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  1. Great story and you did a easy to understand simple review that gelled well! I love that the illustrations are in watercolor and the book talks about the current times of the pandemic!

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  2. We need good books for children and happy to come across one here.

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