#BlogchatterAtoZ Theme Reveal

I’ve been aware of Blogchatter’s AtoZ daily blogging challenge since 2019, but I’ve never had the courage to participate. I struggle to put out consistent content–not because I lack ideas–but because I’m interrupted by an inquisitive 5-year-old every few minutes and then my words simply refuse to flow.

Nevertheless, this year I’ve thrown caution to the wind and taken the plunge. We’ve got to start sometime, don’t we?

Here’s my pledge:

Blogchatter A2Z pledge

I’ve no problem reading and engaging with other people’s work. I’ve diverted some of my social media time to BlogRolls on Blogchatter and it has opened up a whole new world of content to me.

What’s going to be challenging is finding the time to research properly and write the posts. I’m not a natural storyteller and I’ve never written fiction. I think non-fiction is more up my alley.

Let’s see how it goes.

What’s my Theme?

Books are my one true love so I decided to choose something I can write about easily.

My theme for this year will be: Bookish Trivia

Blogchatter A2Z blogging challenge theme reveal

I’ll pick one book-related word corresponding to each letter of the alphabet and dig out fascinating facts about it. I’ll try to choose terms that we don’t usually hear about and I hope to learn something new every day.

It’s not going to be easy because I tend to dive deep into Google search results and jump from page to page and document to document until I’ve spent all my free time.

I intend to write short 500-word posts and add graphics and links to make it more interesting for readers.

What is my Aim?

What am I looking to learn from BlogchatterAtoZ?

  • Firstly, I want to see if I am capable of planning, researching and writing 26 consecutive posts.
  • I’ve already seen the benefits of engaging regularly with other bloggers via the Blogchatter platform–and I will continue to do so.
  • I want to expand my network of content creators and learn from them. In my 2 months of engaging with other people, I’ve learnt to improve my blog graphics and structure my blog posts for better readability. I knew these principles but I wasn’t quite executing them well.
  • I tend to put off things because I am afraid to fail. But I realize that if I don’t even try, I will never know if I can succeed. Participating in Blogchatter A2Z is the first step towards it. Baaki ka baad mein dekh lenge!
  • I want to develop a habit of writing every day and consistently posting quality content on my blog. Showing up is important.
  • Who knows, I may get an e-book out of the whole experience! (ambitious, I know)

Now to get started with planning the posts and getting research started.

Wish me luck!

46 thoughts on “#BlogchatterAtoZ Theme Reveal

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  3. Yes dear A2Z is a great way to develop discipline in your writing and expand your network. I really like your theme. Wishing you all the best for challenge.

  4. Anything books and I am in! That is quite an interesting theme. Looking forward to the series. All the best for the challenge.

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