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#TBRChallenge by Blogchatter | Feb 2021 Check-in

I read 6 books in Feb 2021: here’s what I thought of them.



I had a good reading month in February. I read 6 books in different genres.

After signing up for Blogchatter’s TBR Challenge, I decided to post check-ins at the end of each month. I thought this would help me stay disciplined about reading.

You can read my January check-in, too, to see how I fared in the first month of 2021.

February Reads

Cheat Sheets for Life Ayesha Ratnayake book review

Ayesha is a self-published author whose book Cheat Sheets For Life combines the wisdom of hundreds of books, articles, and research papers to give us bits of advice that we can apply to many aspects of life, such as happiness, health, productivity, learning, sleep, parenting, and so on.

It isn’t an earth-shaking book, but it’s a good guide if you want quick and helpful advice.

My review.

The Evil Eye and The Charm: Stories of the Indian Lemon-Chili Charm  Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Evil Eye and The Charm: Stories of  the Indian Lemon-Chili

This is the first of Neil D’Silva’s books that I’ve read and I am floored. You can be sure I’ll be reading all of his books this year.

The book weaves several tales around the nimboo-mirchi charm that we find hanging on top of doorposts or in front of vehicles and shops. Without passing judgement on superstitions or indirectly advocating them, Neil has written riveting and scary stories based on everyday life.

I admit I’m never going to see the innocuous nimboo-mirchi totka the same way again.

My instagram post about the book.

I have been following British author, Iseult Murphy’s blog, for some time and I admire the clear, crisp way she writes her reviews. So when she offered one of her books for review, I jumped at the chance.

7 Days in Hell is beautifully written, with rich descriptions of the cold and damp in Ireland. But the blood and gore in this zombie-esque story was too much for me.

The author built up the tension so perfectly from the first few pages that I could hear an ominous sound in my head–the sort that plays in movies and TV shows.

The story ends on a scary cliffhanger, and there are 8 more books to go in this series. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to read about what happens to the survivor(s).

My review.

My instagram post about the book.

Blue Shadow Prophecy is Book #2 in the Chimera trilogy, and I loved the first book – Forget Me Not. It is a YA fantasy written by an author whose first language is not English.

I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but this series kept me engaged. It was fun to read about different creatures like vampires, werewolves, chimera, hellhounds, and so on.

The books have a Twilight feel about them, so if you liked Twilight–you will enjoy this.

My review.

I highly recommend this non-fiction book written by a trained microbiologist, who has been following the COVID-19 pandemic from the very beginning.

The book is not technical, neither is it too simplistic. It is written in easy-to-understand language and, instead of being a dry account of the events leading to the pandemic, it uses a storytelling approach to take the reader through a thrilling journey of the social, economic and political impact of the virus.

My instagram post about the book.

The Lost Chip and 5 other short stories by Rangeela Desi and others

I found this collection of multi-genre short stories listed by Booktasters. This year, I’ve decided to read more Indian authors–and more self-published/indie authors.

Some of the stories are drawn from the author’s personal experience, such as A Medico’s Malady. Whereas the others are pure flights of fancy, such as Sacrifice. The Green Signal is a cute romance, whereas The Lost Chip is a comedy of errors. Hay Fever is thought-provoking, whereas Who Says Smoking Kills is a smart way of talking about the evils of smoking.

My review.

My instagram post about the book.

Talk to Me

What did you read in February? Anything that you highly recommend?

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