Book Review Recommendations of the Week (28-Feb-2021)

Every week, I select a few interesting book reviews from the book blogger world to showcase and support.



I’m back with my weekly book review recommendation posts, inspired by Yesha. This is my way of ensuring that I read and share the work of my fellow book bloggers regularly.

(I got tied up with personal stuff, so I couldn’t read up enough and post on Thursday, as I usually do. I have 5 book reviews in this post, as a result.)

Let’s get started with this week’s interesting book reviews:

  1. Kim JiYoung, Born 1982 ~ Cho Nam-Joo

The book may have been written keeping South Korea in mind, but Cho Nam-Joo’s story will be familiar to most women. Sexual harassment, misogyny, patriarchy–is there any place in the world where we don’t experience these?

Harshita’s moving review had me reaching out to buy a copy, especially these lines:

“Kim JiYoung chooses her husband as he is supportive and not gender-biased. But he is also conditioned by the society he has been brought up in. While outwardly progressive, he does not understand the mental toll of becoming a stay-at-home mother for Kim Ji-Young.”


An Educated Woman in Prostitution Book

Chandra’s book review about a Bengali book translated into English by Arunava Sinha talks about prostitution. Even though the book was written in 1929, nothing much has changed. Prostitutes are still considered sub-human and immoral, whereas their clients–the “important” men–are barely mentioned. Many women are forced into prostitution by their circumstances, but society loves to shame them for “selling their bodies.” What about the men “buying the bodies?”

3. Master Your Money Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar

Now that I have joined Instagram, I have access to a whole new world of bookish people. It’s great fun to look at artistically staged books and watch bookish reels.

Aadhilakshmi featured this book on money management, saying she doesn’t normally like non-fiction books but she was glad to have read this one.

She says, “This book doesn’t give us the same old advice instead it gives us some strategies to master our money. It smashes few money myths.”

4. 6 Memes for Book Lovers

This post isn’t a book review, but Elaine has compiled such a fun set of bookish memes that I had to include it in my list this week. My favorite meme is the girl reading in bed with a quote by Ernest Hemingway on top. I’ve always believed that books are my best friends, ever since I began reading as a child.

5. Murder in the Snow by Verity Bright

Charley has an interesting book review about this Verity Bright cosy mystery with the fabulous cover. Have you read it?

I do hope you’ll make some time to read these interesting book reviews. I like to read book reviews the most, out of all bookish content, and I pay close attention to people’s book recommendations.

What about you?

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