Book Review Recommendations (18-Feb-2021)


This week, I’ve chosen to include several non-bookish posts that I found useful, informative, and interesting.

I hope I can tempt you to read them, too.

book review recommendations

I chose this post for the unusual book (Botanical Curses and Poisons by Fez Inkwright) and the good-looking hardback cover. The contents of the book seem to be a cross between mythology and history. Take a look.

Are you wondering how to start your own podcast? Dr. Amrita Basu shares her experience of starting a podcast with Kuku FM. It’s easy to understand and highly informative.

The naysayer in your head is always putting you down, sowing seeds of doubt in your mind. Shinjini tells us the story of how she named her inner critic, “Prissy Missy,” and learnt to ignore her.

Another interesting book (The Death of Francis Bacon by Max Porter) with an even more interesting analysis. Valerie says it’s a demanding read with obscure prose.

Reader or not, many of us find solace in journaling–giving vent to our innermost thoughts. Ruchika writes about how she found the inspiration to begin journaling and some prompts that she used. I learned about several new types of journals that I hadn’t heard of before. A good read!

Those of you in India will find this post to be of interest. Aprameya Radhakrishna has developed an indigenous app that is similar to Twitter, and it has already found many takers. French cybersecurity expert, Elliot Alderson, stirred things up by revealing some leaks that he found in the Koo app. Find out what happened next in this balanced article about the Indian app that’s currently in the news.

I enjoy Gayathri’s book discussion posts a lot. They’re well thought out and insightful. She has this checklist for new bloggers that I found quite useful. I’m not really new at book blogging, but I realize that I don’t know A LOT about designing a blog to make it more user-friendly.

Neelam has written an informative post about the smart, resourceful, and efficient Queen Amina. I realize it’s one in many of her posts about inspiring muslim women.

This book has attractive cover art and is an adorable story about the adventures that befall Leonard as his shrew family moves homes.

Do you think you’re a confident person? Answer these 7 questions to find out just how confident you are.

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