Book Review Recommendations (11-Feb-2021)


I’m back to share some of the blog posts that I enjoyed reading in the last week. Hat tip to Yesha at Books Teacup and Reviews for her weekly blogger support posts!

10 posts for you to read this week

1) Book Review: Rhino Charge by Victoria Tait

“If you haven’t been to Kenya before, do not worry. Victoria gives you a detailed description of life in Kenya – from the nagging trinket sellers to the Masai Tribes and wildlife, you are in for a visual treat when you read the Kenya Kanga series.”

In these travel-restricted times, doesn’t this sound like fun? I have a good mind to make time to read this series.

2) Book Review: Murder in the Bell Tower by Helena Dixon

I love cozy mysteries, and when a book has a cover like that, it makes me want to put everything down and read it. Enjoy this great review by Elaine, who I’ve been following for a while now.

3) Book Review: Zoravar by Maharsh Shah

Sahil has a passion and energy for books that I can only wish for. His reviews are fine pieces of creative writing, and you’ll want to read every book he features. Take a look through his blog if you don’t believe me!

4) Book Review: Sleep Tight by C.S. Green

This book sounds scary and fascinating at the same time. Cathryn has certainly sold it to me!

5) Interview with Linda Tyler, author of The Laird’s Secret

I love historical romances, and this interview with Linda Tyler about her latest book set in the early 1950s Scotland was very enjoyable.

6) Book Review: The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Ninu’s book reviews are insightful, honest, and analytical. I love the comparisons to similar texts and authors and the informative discussions. Do check it out!

7) Book Review: Excess Baggage by Richa S. Mukherjee

“The USP of this story lies in how the author explores the relationship between these two women – from the literal baggage they must deal with, to the underlying emotional baggage that threatens to strangle what little semblance of a relationship they hold in name. Ex-husbands, potential boyfriends, nosy neighbours, lying cousins and angry aunts, all play the perfect part in supporting this madhouse.”

I bought a copy of this book a while ago, and Ashima’s review has given me the push to pick it up soon. Richa is known for her humorous writing, so I’m sure I’m in for an enjoyable time.

8) Book Review: The Great Escape from Woodlands Nursing Home by Joanna Nell

Lovely review of what sounds like a lovely book!

9) Book Review: The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon

I quite enjoyed Julie’s review of this different-sounding historical romance. Sample this:

“I also love that the couple shares many interests. Some of my favorite parts of the novel were when Georgiana and Edward discussed politics and literature. They are both intellectuals, and their discussions of Shakespeare and other authors were fantastic. Sharp, astute, and curious, Georgiana and Edward are lovers of learning, and this shared passion is one of my favorite parts of the novel. Plus, their romance is swoon-tastic!”

10) Book Review: Eating in the Age of Dieting by Rujuta Diwekar

Lavanya’s review of this non-fiction book on eating right caught my interest. One of the interesting facts mentioned by Rujuta is: “The secret to flat stomach – hop, skip, jump and not just crunch.”

Did any of these posts catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!

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