Will You Join Me For The Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2021?

Reading-wise, it was a prolific year in 2020. I read 155 books, some of which were picture books, short stories, poetry, and novellas. Although I began a reading challenge, I couldn’t keep up with the prompts. Instead, I read as my mood (and blog tours!) dictated.

Before 2020, I had barely read (and logged) 24 books in a year, so I was surprised that I could fit in so many in an unusual, anxiety-filled year. But in doing so, I felt so burned out by December that I had decided to take a break over the winter holidays–which is still continuing into 2021.

Reading plans for 2021

I haven’t set myself a Goodreads target and neither was I going to take up any other reading challenges.

However, things changed when I noticed a tweet about Blogchatter’s 2021 reading challenge. What I like most about it is that there are no prompts and I’m free to choose any genre. I intend to read more non-fiction this year and finally pick up all the paperbacks I’ve been buying.

I have never registered on Blogchatter, even though I’ve been aware of the platform since 2019–especially Blogchatter A2Z. I have trouble with writing consistently, so I didn’t want to commit to something I may not be able to see through. But when I heard about the Reading Challenge, I knew I couldn’t stay away any more.

I’ve decided to register for the Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2021 and I’ve set myself a decent target of 24 books. I’m yet to make a list but I’ll do that by and by.

Love of reading

I’ve always loved to read and in school, I would read as many books as the library would allow me to borrow. I remember being scolded by the librarian once because I was lost in a Tintin comic book and I didn’t hear her speak to me.

I don’t have the luxury of getting into “the zone” while reading anymore, courtesy a highly inquisitive and talkative 4-year-old. But I hope to convert him into an avid reader as well, so that we can both dive into books together!

So there, I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter! You’ll hear from me during the monthly check-in next.

6 thoughts on “Will You Join Me For The Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2021?

  1. You sound very similar to me – I couldn’t believe how much I read last year but for the first time ever I found myself finding reading a chore by December which I think was due to the number of blog tours I participated in. This year I’m doing the few tours I’d already booked in months ago but otherwise I’m reading purely for leisure, guided by my mood and heart. I’m going to check out Blogchatter as I’ve never heard of it before – thanks!

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