Book Review | The Magical Life of Lola Bloom by Adriana Barros

She doesn’t fit into this world. This is Lola Bloom when she finds out that her parents are hiding a big secret. She discovers clues after a car accident, but these have consequences.

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The Magical Life of Lola Bloom cover

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Publication date: May 26th 2020

Pages: 303

No one loves her; no one understands her.

She doesn’t fit into this world. This is Lola Bloom when she finds out that her parents are hiding a big secret. She discovers clues after a car accident, but these have consequences.

Following her return from a brief visit to a curious world, Lola’s eyes turn purple – a sign something more is about to happen. When her father is kidnapped, Lola’s forced to act.

Lola is plunged into a dangerous adventure in a parallel world. She soon discovers the secret: her real origin lies within the royalty of Lumen. Yes, she has a whole kingdom waiting for her in the fourth dimension! But she must get her father back from Leike’s Land and destroy Elof, the villain who threatens Lumen. But he doesn’t seem so dangerous, and she feels drawn to him. All this sounds like madness, but what if it is?

The journey is long and uncertain, and her mind is against her.

Lola will dare you to find out what is real or fantasy in life. All is possible; all is true, depending on who believes it.

My Thoughts

Barros has created a fascinating world slightly reminiscent of Harry Potter, with its talking creatures, soothsaying peacocks, organized village-states, potions, gifts, and powers. It looks like this book is the first in a trilogy since it ends in a cliffhanger, when Ellen reaches the end of her aunt Lola’s first diary. There are two more diaries to go–and I’m feeling so impatient to know what’s going to happen next!

Barros has captured Lola’s teenage voice perfectly–the moments of vanity and self-doubt, selfishness and regret–all together draw a picture of a regular teenager. There are hints of Lola’s fascination for a man old enough to be her father, which made me uncomfortable. However, this man uses magic to keep himself youthful so Lola may have been blinded to the truth.

I quite liked the concept of dimensions, where the first dimension is what we consider the “real world” of humans and the fourth dimension houses Lumen’s Kingdom and Leike’s Land, where prisms and Leike’s supposedly evil subjects live, respectively.

It was clear from the language that Barros is not a native English speaker. That isn’t a problem in itself, but the frequent grammatical errors and awkward sentence constructions slowed me down because I had to put in some effort to understand what the author meant to say.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the story immensely and I hope that Barros will continue with the story of Lola Bloom and what decision she takes just before she turns eighteen.

Thank you to the author and Sandra from Booktamins for giving me an opportunity to review the book!

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About Adriana Barros

Adriana Barros photo

Hey guys!

I’m from tropical Brazil. Since I was little, I have been obsessed with great stories in books, movies or in my mind. I grew up with so many stories filling my heart with love, joy and curiosity. All of these stories helped me create mine. Lola is the result of all these influences in my noisy mind.

Post-graduated in International Relations, I have worked in offices until now, always looking for some joy in this work. In 2015, I visited my mother in the countryside and found a small clue: a silly book written at the age of twelve. The chapters were enough to encourage me to do something I really wanted, to tell stories professionally. Since then, I started to study alone to be a professional writer, against my terrible anxiety that doesn’t let me spend a long time reading a book.

In 2016, I got married and moved to Sweden, and a completely new experience awaited me. After a few years of study, work and new challenges, I was unemployed and could dedicate me to my first book, Lola’s story. It was an idea in my mind for years.

I currently live in Florida with my husband and my beloved pet, Flicka. I love to travel, love animals and food!

I always dream big and works to make this come true every day. If even I can do this, you can too!! Believe it.


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