Book Review(s) | One Day in October Series by Sudesna Ghosh


I’ll talk about Sudesna’s heartwarming short story series – One Day in October, One Night in November, and One Evening in December – in this post.

I had read the first short story a long while ago and loved it. I was waiting to complete the series before I posted about it.

I’m sharing the synopsis from Goodreads along with my thoughts. I don’t want to say much because reviews of short stories are tricky and I might end up giving away the plot.

One Day in October

Goodreads –

Gita is 40+, single and not ready to mingle. She has her own structured daily life and a cafe to run. She also has her elderly parents who are a handful. One day, when enough is enough, Gita decides to leave her comfort zone. That one day, turns out to be extra special.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Heartwarming story about a middle-aged woman living life on her own terms!

I think we can relate to parents being horrified at the thought of their daughters crossing “marriageable age,” as if women were products with Best Before dates.

Sudesna’s writing is smooth, warm, and comforting–even when she’s talking about sticky topics.

One Night in November

Goodreads –

This short story is the sequel to One Day in October. Gita is 40+ and in love. She’s found the sweetest man – who cares about age and all that? Life has changed in the last 6 weeks but her relationship with her parents remains unchanged. But then there’s a long night of darkness. Will there be light in the morning?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If it’s possible, this short story is even better than the first one: One Day in October. Sudesna throws in some hard-hitting truths about the life of a single woman in this one.

Gita juggles the need to stand up for herself and stay respectful and loving for her parents. Neel surprised me.

Books like these show you how we punish our women for refusing to conform to societal expectations.


One Evening in December

Goodreads –

It’s Christmas Eve and Gita has a special evening planned for her parents and sister. Neel will be there too. The evening starts with a note of warmth and hope and ends with a special surprise. And of course, there’s the dose of drama that Gita had expected.

This short story is the third and final one in Gita and Neel’s journey.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The perfect end to this three-part series!

Gita and Neel sidestep all the stereotypical actions that a couple takes and do what their hearts really want to do.

Neels of the world, do you exist? And if you do, where can I find you?

More surprises in store for readers as we learn some shocking things about Gita’s family.

Quick, entertaining, and heartwarming read.

6 thoughts on “Book Review(s) | One Day in October Series by Sudesna Ghosh

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  2. Yes, I feel strongly about this pressure on single women to marry and “settle down.” The MC is single and has her own business, yet her family thinks less of her for not finding a partner!

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