Book Review | QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter by Craig Feigh

I have had the pleasure to read Craig Feigh’s previous books in the Little Bit & Big Byte series. I think they make great educational books with a dose of fun and excitement. You can read my reviews of Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach and Little Bit & Big Byte: Go Green.

I’m excited to share my views about his new picture book. Here it is:

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Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Grade level : 1 – 2

Illustrator: Patrick Carlson

Publication date: November 6, 2020

Length: 28 pages

Publisher: BookBaby

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m not sure how many children of today’s generation have even seen a typewriter, being born into the digital age. I have had the chance to use one when I was younger, but only because my parents had the foresight to teach me typing skills using a typewriter. Once the personal computer arrived, typewriters were put aside.

QWERTY follows a similar storyline, showing how a typewriter called QWERTY was discarded by a television station after flashy new laptops arrived. The new arrivals mock QWERTY for being out-of-date and different. However, she proves her worth when disaster strikes.

The text and illustrations complement each other well. I found the story well-written and a pleasure to read. There’s even an illustration of a typewriter in the beginning that labels all the different parts. I didn’t know some of the names, I admit.

It’s a nostalgic trip for people like me who used to work with typewriters and it’s something new for children to learn about a machine that used to rule workplaces before computers arrived. It also teaches children that being different does not mean being useless. Everybody is unique in their own way.

Just like in his previous books, there’s a hidden object game that children will enjoy and a picture of QWERTY and her friend, the spider, to color in.

(I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.)


In this day and age, being “different” often means being ostracized from society.
This not only happens to people, but to Typewriters as well!


QWERTY used to be the most popular typewriter at the television station until she was replaced by a computer. No longer did fingers dance across her keys. This made QWERTY sad as she was ridiculed and mocked for being different from the newer equipment. That is until a power outage knocked out the computers batteries and QWERTY was summoned to “save the day.”

Children love old typewriters and are intrigued by how they work and the sound they make. They are also very cognizant of the realities of prejudice caused by someone being different from themselves.

QWERTY, The Forgotten Typewriter is a fun, energetic story of a once popular machine being tossed aside, only to be brought back because of her forever usefulness.
We can all learn a lesson on how each of us is unique and valuable.

From the Author and Illustrator of the popular series: LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE comes a wonderful story about perseverance and self-esteem.

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