ARC Review | A Best Friend For Bear by Sam Loman

A best friend for bear front cover
Front cover

Genre – Children’s Picture Books

Publication date – January 26, 2021

Publisher – Clavis Publishing


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Bear is in his room. He is sad. He wants a best friend to play with. “Go outside,” says Daddy. “You’ll meet a friend to play with.”

Bear takes his ball and goes to the forest. But where will he find a best friend? He looks everywhere(behind the trees, between bushes, etc.).

Rabbit sees Bear and Bear says he is looking for a best friend. So Rabbit joins in on the search. Owl flies down and asks what they are doing.

So Owl joins in the search but only sees Fox & thinks she can help. Squirrel sees them and she joins in the quest to go to Fox.

Badger is the last one to join them. But when they got to Fox’s house, Fox tells them Owl was wrong and she doesn’t know where to find a best friend.

Bear is sad. As he sits on the rock, Squirrel tells him he is not alone, all the animals are there. Bear thinks about it and he lights up. He realizes he not only found one best friend but 5!

A sweet story about making friends and playing together. For best friends ages 4 years and up.

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

As the title says, this book is about a bear looking for a best friend. Let me not say what happens by the end of the story–I’ll only reveal that it has a happy ending for everyone involved.

The book teaches the child the names of different animals and the concept of making friends. The illustrations are cute and the language is simple.

The names of new animals are introduced in bold font –I liked this technique. I also liked the emphasis on playing outside, sharing one’s toys, and making new friends. Nice!

(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)

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