Book Review | Small Talk and Simple Things by Meryl Matthew

This book entails 12 such hand-picked stories that will inspire you to experience the process of arranged marriage not for anyone else but for yourself. It could perhaps even make couples who fell in love and got married wonder if they possibly missed out on something.

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Genre: Nonfiction, Families and relationships

Publication date: September 5, 2020

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My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

(I received a digital copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.)

The concept of arranged marriage evokes different reactions depending on who you ask. Some hate it and want nothing to do with it. Some feel it is the best way to find a suitable mate. Still others don’t enjoy the process but still take part in it because it is a socially acceptable way to meet people and “date.” You’ll find all these narratives in this book.

It is a collection of truly delightful accounts of people’s experiences with arranged marriage and the process of listing their profiles on matrimonial websites and finding a suitable partner.

Both men and women talk about their experiences navigating the websites, trying to sift through the chaff and get at the kernel of who the person on the opposite side of the screen is.
It isn’t easy and some people talk of how they nearly got cheated by unscrupulous characters.

What I most enjoyed in the book is the non-judgmental tone of the stories. Even when talking about getting scammed, the tone is that of gratitude for having dodged a bullet and not bitterness towards love and marriage.

The stories are so relatable and anybody who has been through the “hunt” for a partner will find themselves agreeing to them. For those of you who haven’t, consider this book a primer to guide you into the sometimes murky waters of matrimonial websites and arranged marriage.

The Blurb

When I first sat face to face with the reality of looking out for my soul mate by browsing through an App that supposedly connected families I was completely against the concept. I honestly did not even know how to go about with the awkward first conversation, let alone think about spending the rest of my life with someone I would meet only once or twice before the big day.

This fear of the unknown pertained back then, because I never knew that the experience would actually allow me to grow into the better person that I have become today. Some of these tales from my own experience did make me feel blue at the time, but today it brings a smile to my face because of the valuable lesson I have learnt from it while some others still make me laugh every time it crosses my mind.

This got me wondering, wouldn’t people around me, friends, friends of friends and families across cultures who have adopted the concept of arranged marriage have such interesting stories to tell from their experience? Perhaps if these stories were entailed like a wise woman’s tale it could perhaps ease the pressure off arranged marriage for someone who is new to it.

One thing’s for sure we all have a soul mate who we will meet at the right time but while we are in this process of swiping right and left we do bump into some interesting characters who for many reasons may or may not be the one for us but in-turn become a memorable chapter in our story.

This book entails 12 such hand-picked stories that will inspire you to experience the process of arranged marriage not for anyone else but for yourself. It could perhaps even make couples who fell in love and got married wonder if they possibly missed out on something.

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About Meryl Matthew


Meryl is a Masters Graduate in Global Business from SP Jain School of Global Management and has been working in the field of Logistics for 5 years. She is also a freelance content writer with 7 years of experience. Her passion for writing introduced her to the field in 2012 as a ghostwriter while she was pursuing her bachelors. After which she moved on to taking up active roles in student publications & university media platforms during her Masters.

Throughout her tenure in Singapore in 2015, she worked as a creative writing trainer for kids where she fell more in love with the art of creative content writing. Currently settled in Kuwait she has been working as a freelance writer with Times-Kuwait since 2018 and for the Bazaar Magazine since 2019 with several published interviews and event covers under her belt. She has also been taking creative writing classes for kids in Kuwait since 2020.

Her love for relaying another person’s story has led her to her first book venture. She hopes to continue publishing more real-life stories under different topics through this series.

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