Book Review | Stop Acting Like You’re Going to Live Forever by Jodie Cook

Genre: Entrepreneurship

Publication date: December 12, 2019

Publisher: JayBee Media Limited

Goodreads –

The blurb:

These articles have been written to help you create the reality that matches your personal version of success.

They are here to challenge your thinking, show you a different way, or perhaps confirm what you already suspected.

They can serve as your personal hype playbook or be there to remind and reassure you that others have faced the challenges you’re working through right now.

Articles include:

  • How To Be Happy (Nearly) All The Time
  • The Alternative Way To Be Rich
  • How To Stop Caring About What Everyone Else Thinks
  • Cruelty Is Weakness And Everyone Knows It
  • 6 Things You Need To Get Over To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
  • Consumption Is Killing Your Success
  • No One Cares About Your Problems, So Make It Look Easy

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The essays in this book have solid, practical tips to make your life better, happier, and more fulfilled. My favorite articles are “10 ways to stop your smartphone ruining your life” and “How to be happy (nearly) all the time.”

Heavy with quotes, rich in references to relevant literature, straightforward and clear writing style–this book is something you will want to keep coming back to.

A lot of the advice is super helpful for business owners, so if you are one then do check this book out.

(I received a review copy from the author via Booktasters in exchange for an honest review.)

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About Jodie Cook

Stop acting like you're going to live forever

Since starting my social media agency in 2011 I have been fascinated by the influences that create entrepreneurs.

I co-wrote a series of children’s storybooks, Clever Tykes, which develop positive, resourceful and creative behaviour in 6-9 year olds; they are now read in every primary school in the United Kingdom.

I was included in Forbes’ 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in Europe 2017 and gave a TEDx talk with the title ‘creating useful people’.

I’m big on travel, lifestyle design and helping people access the freedom that modern entrepreneurship should bring.

Website –

Twitter – @cookiewhirls

LinkedIn –

Read Cook’s article in Forbes –

The Guided Journal

The Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever guided journal comprises 45 days of exercises and questions, to explore the themes and incorporate their messages into your day-to-day. The five themes are:

  • Being crystal clear on your vision
  • Setting your mindset for success
  • Intentionally spending your time
  • Choosing kindness
  • Using perspective as a tool for resilience

This is your personal hype playbook, your daily reminder of what’s important, and the guide to creating your version of success.

Available on Amazon all over the world: UK – US – DE – FR – ES – IT – JP – CA

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