Blog Tour | Book Review: Lake City Way-Ninja Girl by Cait Moore

Genre: YA Crime Fiction

Publication date: March 9, 2020

Publisher: Floricanto Press

My Thoughts

Ninja Girl is an action-driven thriller with a strong emotional appeal. An impoverished twelve-year-old is fed up of her drug-infested neighborhood and takes it upon her to clean up the streets. The story reminded me of the Nancy Drew novels I’d read as a child, only this one was darker and gorier.

It sounds simple enough but the young MC here is wise beyond her age, scarred by her painful past. I was often surprised to find her thinking deep thoughts about life, death, pain, and self-worth. However, she’s young–not even a teenager–so she’s also confused and looking for her purpose in life.

We see shades of the normal pre-teen in her during her time at school, when she tries to secure a boy’s affections or appeals to her best friend to trust her. But, for the most part, she doesn’t have the silliness that characterizes young girls in popular media–and I loved that. She radiates a quiet inner strength and responsible nature that I found laudable.

Here are some lovely quotes from the book:

“Everybody deals with the hooded skeleton at some point in life, even if it’s only at the end.”

“His powers weren’t superpowers. They were in his will. In his rage and fighting ability. “

“His rage was what defined him. When he was a kid he watched his parents get murdered and he was never able to get over it, you know? It’s the anger from that experience that fuels him and gives him his powers.”

“That’s what separates a hero from a civilian. The hero gives their all for the people, whatever that might mean.”

I enjoyed the tense storytelling, the dark undertones to every scene, and the banter (if you can call it that) between the young MC and her sidekick.

But what mystified me was that why a man with military training would allow himself to get identified so easily. That bit didn’t sit well with me.

Nevertheless, I was hooked on to her story and once she landed in deep trouble, I actually had my fingers crossed that she would be safe. I’ll leave it to you to find out what happens–the epilogue is the best part of the book.

And, to my great joy, I discovered that this is the first book in a series so there’s more coming for Ninja Girl!

(I received a review copy from Blackthorn Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.)


Driven mad by poverty, the death of her father, and the ruthless streets of North Seattle’s Lake City, twelve-year-old Gabriela Urieta puts on her ski-mask at night and becomes Ninja Girl. In her own mind, she’s a superhero—the only hope for cleaning up her neighborhood.

In reality, she’s a sixth-grader who drugs her little brother to sleep so she can sneak out at night and rob criminals. Using money taken from her victims, Gaby hires a transient as her sidekick, naming him “Wallman.” Together they get lost in her comic-book fantasy. But before long, Ninja Girl and her family find themselves in all sorts of danger.

About Cait Moore

Cait Moore, studied commerce and law in Australia and pursued her career in the capital markets in London. Since she was knee high to a kangaroo, she’s harboured a deep love for the written word. Her fervent belief in the “one” has led her to explore in her fiction, what binds two hearts and souls. Hers belongs to her husband, author, Michael J Moore.

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