Book Review | I Hate My Sibling by Gillian Musariri

I hate my sibling by [Gillian Kufinya]

Genre: Children’s Book

Age level: 7-12

Reedsy Discovery:

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My Thoughts

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“I Hate My Sibling” is a short, sweet, and meaningful story about a brother and sister who discover that they need to work together to remove a threat to their household. I think the title of this book and cover art is arresting and that’s why I picked it up.

Gillian describes Patricia and Terrance as siblings who are constantly quarreling or fighting and cannot stand each other. Their mother is unable to keep the peace. When she cannot take it any longer, she drops them to their grandmother’s place to stay over the weekend as “punishment.”

The siblings go through an unreal experience that weekend, which also teaches them the benefits of working together as a team and being there for each other. The message is loud and clear — siblings should love and respect each other because they’ve only got each other.

The writing style is abrupt in some places, which interferes with the flow of the story. I also felt that the siblings learn their lesson a bit too quickly and easily but I’m prepared to suspend belief because this is a children’s story, after all.

It is natural for siblings to disagree, but perhaps this book will teach them to respect each other.

(I received an ARC from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review.)


A normal weekend at Grandma’s has unusual experiences for two siblings. Fear grips Patricia and Terrance on discovering they are the new household pets. Someone has taken their place. Their only hope out of the muddle is to work together, which is a huge challenge. Can they swallow their pride and overcome their sibling rivalry?

About Gillian Musariri

Gillian Musariri

Gillian Kufinya is a mother of four and lives in Harare Zimbabwe. She enjoys creative writing as a hobby. when she is not writing she likes to game, read children’s books and watch movies.

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