Book Review | Sadie and her Red Shiny Shoes by Loretta Browne

Sadie and her Red Shiny Shoes by [Loretta Browne]

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Age level: 3-7

Illustrator: Sarah Marsh

Amazon India:

Reedsy Discovery:

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a lovely, happy book with bright and beautiful illustrations!

There’s a huge mystery about why Sadie’s right foot hurts all the time, except when she’s not wearing her shoes. All the grownups around her weigh in with their opinions about what she should do to fix the pain, and she even gets sent to a therapist!

But Sadie observes something that gives her a brilliant idea–and she ends up solving the problem herself.

I loved the overall design of the book — the cover art, the way the text has been variously placed around the illustrations (which are placed in the center of each page).

The illustrations (watercolor, I think) by Sarah Marsh are attractive and colorful. They have the power to draw in the youngest of readers–and my preschooler simply loved them. He spent quite a bit of time looking at each picture and thinking deep thoughts about them!

I enjoyed the fact that I could teach my child a lesson from the story–that they can solve their own problems if they put their mind to it.

Absolutely recommend to parents of young children–whether they’ve learned to read or not!

(I received an ARC from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review.)


Sadie had trouble with her foot, but she did not know why.
Everyone had their own ideas about what was wrong with Sadie’s foot.
In the end, Sadie solves her own problem!

About Loretta Browne

Loretta Browne

I am a recently retired teacher with lots of experience working with young children and those with Special Educational needs. I love teaching reading and watching children’s faces and imaginations light up when they are reading. I have always loved making up stories and am now ready to write them!

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