Book Review | Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide by The Ruinsong Order

Genre: Epic fantasy

Publisher: Forge Fiction

Publication date: July 29, 2020

My Thoughts

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Isn’t the cover art just startling?!

While this book was not really for me, I can see how it would appeal to fans of epic fantasy with its huge cast of diverse creatures, each with certain powers and characteristics.

The story seems to move from fight to fight and the fight sequences are detailed and often gory.

I felt the plot meanders quite a bit as Urbon meets so many creatures and gets involved with their agendas.

I struggled to keep up with the main storyline where Urbon escapes the elfin island to get reinforcement and rescue his crew mates.

I found the world-building impressive. Every race, creature, and location has been precisely described with detailed back stories.

If you don’t mind a mix of violence and sorcery, this book is for you.

(I was offered a review copy by Angelina from Forge Fiction in exchange for an honest review.)


“Elves, dwarves, humans… Jödmun; you mortal races are all the same, little more than ants crawling on a round table, oblivious to those sitting around it.”

It has been centuries since the Mountain Birth, a magical calamity that turned the Jödmun from men into… something else.
Part curse, part blessing, the Jödmun need neither food nor shelter, living as veritable stone men. One among them, Ürbon the Wanderer, will emerge from his people’s centuries-long isolation.

A chance encounter with an unusually violent elvish people leaves Ürbon without a ship, without his men, and without direction, changing the course of his life forever. In a journey across the vast world of Faladon; from the sandy Savarrah desert to the lush Forgotten Isles, the Human Kingdom of Ravenburg to the bustling port-city of Venova, Ürbon will gather to him unlikely friends and dangerous enemies, each seeking a weakness in his stony flesh. This is his tale.

A new fantasy adventure unfolds with it’s first installment – Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide. Faladon is the first Epic Fantasy Universe created by around 40 co-authors – pushing the limits of collaborative writing and the fantasy genre.


Purchase Links

Amazon India (Kindle edition)


Reedsy Discovery

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