Book Review | Rhuvi Rhino Lost Her “No” by Kim Linette

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Illustrated by: James Loram

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is natural to want other people to like you and children can be especially unkind, so this book sends an important message about setting boundaries, focusing on self-care, and being brave enough to say “no” to protect oneself.

Concepts like boundaries and emotional space are explained clearly and in age-appropriate language.

Daya, a little girl, guides Ruvi Rhino through a series of situations where he can set boundaries without offending his friends, yet making his intentions and message clear. She emphasizes the importance of saying “no” to protect your own feelings instead of allowing other people to trample all over you.

Through the story, the author teaches children that boundaries may be written or implied and they’re not about controlling others, but about what you will do to protect yourself.

The illustrations are fantastic–bright, colorful, uncluttered–and the text is well-placed to make reading easy. In fact, the book can be read to younger children who haven’t learned to read yet, and the message about saying “no” can be taught.

In the end, the author acknowledges that balancing a child’s boundaries with a parent’s role as a protector and teacher can be difficult. She guides us to online resources to find solutions. It’s interesting and I’m mentioning this because I was thinking about this as I read the book, wondering how I can set boundaries myself for my child while allowing him some self-expression.

A great book for children starting from around 7 years of age who have begun to explore social situations and friendships!

(I received a review copy from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review.)


Ruvi the rhino has lost her “no”! She doesn’t want to be mean to her friends, so she says yes to everything!

But Ruvi’s friends don’t like her any better just because she says “yes”. In fact, they take advantage of her all the time.

When EQ explorer, Daya, hears of Ruvi’s problem, she steps in to help her new friend learn how to set boundaries. Daya explains why sometimes, saying ‘no’ is the kindest act of all!

Share this special story with your kids, and help them learn why setting personal boundaries is an act of compassion for oneself and for others. Good boundaries are essential to living a big, happy life!

Ruvi Rhino Lost Her “No” is the a part of the EQ Explorers Series. It teaches a powerful EQ principle: boundaries are important. It’s a lesson of emotional intelligence that is essential for any child—including Ruvi, who learns as she journeys through the jungle with Daya and all of their jungle friends.

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About Kim Linette

Kim Linette

Kim Linette is a mother to six wonderful kids and passionate about helping children from all walks of life–especially children in emotionally challenging environments.

An entrepreneur at heart, Kim Linette created a multi-faceted initiative to empower children–and in turn, their parents and caregivers–to live big, bold, authentically happy lives.

Kim Linette recently founded Kapalua Cove Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and empowering children in need. The foundation provides direct donations to charitable initiatives and donates books to orphanages, remote libraries, care centers, and more.

Along with the foundation, she launched Kapalua Cove Publishing. Her first book project is a series called EQ Explorers, designed to educate and inspire children through beautifully illustrated, creative-yet-relatable tales. 100% of profits from EQ Explorers books are donated to the Kapalua Cove Foundation’s charitable efforts.

In ancient Hawaiian, “Kapalua” means “arms embracing the sea.” It’s a word that perfectly depicts Kim Linette’s desire to embrace and help nurture children around the world, providing the tools and opportunities they need to live happy, healthy, emotionally connected lives.

Along with Kapalua Cove, she’s working on the Real Happy Parent Podcast (coming soon) to help parents discover their path to personal happiness.

To follow EQ Explorers visit our website at

Over the years, Kim Linette developed the skills and resources to pursue this passion. Early in her career, she co-founded several smaller companies before launching BlenderBottle Company in 2000, with her husband, Steve. Kim Linette still serves as the company’s COO, overseeing half of the worldwide day-to-day business. Now that their children are grown, Kim Linette devotes her spare time to helping children in need. She is truly living her dream, and is eager to help others find authentic happiness in all they do!

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