Book Review | Pinky Ponky Finds Magic by Dr. Nirosha Paramanathan

Pinky Ponky Finds Magic cover

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I read the story to my 4-year-old, (even though he isn’t quite the target audience) it left a deep impression on him. He talks about the unicorn’s heart and how it allowed him to do anything he wanted. In his own way, my son has internalized the message this story tries to give.

It has been written in a simple, attractive way so that children will stay engaged. It has a mix of adventure and fantasy, and it is completely non-preachy.

The illustrations are bright and relatable, and most pages have accompanying text.

I think this format (illustration + text) should have been maintained throughout the book to help younger children stay with the story. [Some pages only have text.]

It’s a beautiful story with some conversation starters given at the end, and I’m glad the author wrote it!

(I received a review copy from the author via Booktasters in exchange for an honest review.)

Book Details

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Pages: 32

Publisher: Xlibris AU

Publication date: December 5, 2019

Grade level: 1-2

Book website:

We all have dreams in our hearts that whisper to us. We also have just the right magic within us, to bring those dreams to life. Follow Pinky Ponky and her new friend as they go on a life-changing adventure. And at the end of this magical story; each child will know exactly what to do to make their own dreams come true.

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