Book Review | Parenting with Purpose by Aileen Jarvis & Rowan Roffe

Parenting With Purpose cover

My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I am so glad I got the opportunity to read this book!

The authors write with a clarity that makes me look at my parenting with new eyes. I realize I need to make a few changes to my parenting style to help me raise my child better.

The tone is conversational and friendly. Nowhere does it sound directive or preachy. It feels like a friend is talking to you, giving you examples so you can relate to what she’s saying.

Some of the common issues that parents face when dealing with their children are lucidly explained and possible solutions are discussed. I liked the fact that for some problems, the authors admit that they’re working on finding a solution or that there is no single solution for everyone.

The influence of screens on today’s parenting is discussed and practical tips to minimize its negative impact are given. Throughout the book, the authors offer helpful methods to deal with tantrums, whining, defiant behavior, etc. in different ways.

The book opens your eyes to positive parenting without making you feel like a complete failure. It even includes a link to a quiz that tells you what your style of parenting is. The authors include findings from many research studies to support their arguments.

There is something about children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Parents of teens might find the chapter on the friend-mentor dichotomy quite useful.

Being the mother of a four-year-old, I could relate to the sections on dealing with tantrums, whining, and aggressive behavior better. I especially liked the chapter on emotional intelligence because it isn’t something I have thought about before.

The only bit I did not agree with was when the authors seemed to view co-sleeping negatively. In my country, it’s a very common practice.

I would absolutely recommend this book to all parents for its simple and no-nonsense approach to parenting with empathy and kindness.

(I received a review copy from the author via Book Sprout in exchange for an honest review.)

Book Details

Genre: Parenting

Pages: 158

Publisher: Independently published

Publication date: June 12, 2020



Almost anyone can become a parent, but it takes real practice to learn how to parent in a way that best fit for your children. How you choose to raise your children says a lot about you as a parent. Great parenting starts with a purpose.

In this book, we go on a journey to discovering just that. With many years of professional experience with hundreds of clients, and having raised kids themselves, Aileen Jarvis and Rowan Roffe are finally spilling all the secrets to becoming ideal parents and raising kids using the parenting with purpose strategy.

As readers, it will help you deal with power struggles, public temper tantrums, hormonal changes, misbehavior, and much more.

To give you a brief outline, here’s what you are going to find in this book:

● Learn about the many different approaches to parenting and what style resonates with yours the most.
● Look at the working of a child’s mind and what goes inside it.
● Discover the many reasons why they behave in the way they do and how to minimize misbehavior.
● Find out what positive discipline looks like and how it can be put into practice.
● Explore what emotional intelligence looks like in kids and how to nurture it naturally.
● Debate over whether a parent can be both a friend and a parent to their child and if it’s worth it.
● Learn how to empower your kids and prepare them for the world outside the house.
● Learn how to deal with a rebellious teenager in the house and what measures to take to get along with them.
● Know how parenting with purpose can be applied in various scenarios to recognize and handle temper tantrums, whiny behavior, and aggressiveness.

You will learn to handle parent/child conflict better and implement strategies that actually work. It offers you the right resources to deal with the challenges that parenting brings with it. It is for parents who wish to raise emotionally-intelligent, well-mannered, and conscious children as well as strengthen their relationship with their kids. 

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