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My Thoughts

I loved the honest description of a new mother’s struggle with sleep deprivation, isolation, resentment, and judgmental people, including other new moms.

This is just the sort of book which gladdens my heart because I’m sick of the “Motherhood is bliss!” brigade.

I could wholeheartedly relate to the snobbish, competitive new mothers who would rather die than admit that they were struggling, too.

I have also faced the brunt of uppity mothers who think their word is the last word in parenting, and the author cleverly calls them the “Organics.”

“Don’t you EVER judge a sleep-deprived mother for giving her tantruming toddler a lollipop.”

I can also relate to the loss of self-esteem that a new mother faces.

“Ordinary, boring mum who has made zero impact on the world. It’s hardly the most flattering description, is it?”

And also the resentment she faces when she sees that NOTHING has changed in her husband’s life.

“More resentment built as I watched him enjoy his usual forty-minute shower-and-shave routine when I would be lucky to have a shower at all.”

Part I of the book is amazing with its description of how a new baby places undue stress on a marriage to the point of breaking.

Part II is where I felt the novel faltered because the plot was running away with no clear direction.

The plot regains its footing in Part III, with the grandmother delivering some hard truths about how social media is a poor substitute for the community support that had been present earlier.

The writing style clearly conveys the semi-hyper mood that Saoirse is in all the time, which to people without young children, may seem irritating or maddening. That’s what happens the first few years into parenthood and I’m glad this book doesn’t sugarcoat it.

I don’t think everybody can relate to this book, especially those who have not been around small children. But for mothers of babies and toddlers, this is the book that needed to be written!

Book Details

Genre: Humor, Contemporary Fiction

Publication date: May 26, 2020

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Pages: 292


‘It’s just a phase,’ they said. ‘These are the happiest years of your life,’ they said…

Mother of one and professional writer Saoirse (pronounced Seersha, not Searcy – thanks a bunch Game of Thrones!) is still adjusting to the demands of motherhood, four years after the birth of her daughter, Anna.

Living in the claustrophobic London suburb of Woodvale, and being surrounded by passive-aggressive mum-wars, isn’t helping. Neither is her increasingly pent-up anger at her once-perfect husband. Her only comrade in arms, best friend Bea, is the one thing keeping her sane.

When Saoirse’s agent asks her to pitch for a book, she is horrified to discover the topic is motherhood. How can she possibly write a ‘warts and all’ account of being a mother without giving away what it’s really like?

Laugh-out-loud funny, painfully well-observed, but with an unmistakable warmth and unforgettable characters, this is the perfect antidote to all those parenting bibles that bear absolutely no relation to real life. The novel may or may not have been inspired by real life…

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About Emma Murray

Emma Murray author

Emma Murray is originally from Co. Dublin and moved to London in her early twenties. After a successful career as a ghostwriter, she felt it was high time she fulfilled her childhood dream to write fiction.

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