Reading Recap| What I Read Last Week (May 18 – May 24)

I gave myself a break last week by not taking on any fresh writing assignments and sleeping more at night. My body and mind are thanking me for it!

I was able to finish ALL the 5 books I had planned to read last week!

I can’t remember when was the last time such a thing happened. It just shows that I need to take it easy.

Last Week:

The Plus One Pact by Portia MacIntosh

The Plus One Pact cover

The opening scene of this novel is similar to that of Zara Stoneley’s The First Date. It has a similar female MC who tries to find love through a dating app but fails miserably. Then she meets a guy with who she strikes up a deal to be each other’s plus one at various social events.

Written in a humorous style, the novel was a delight to read. There are tiny surprises all the way to the end and it isn’t a straightforward happily-ever-after.

Review to be posted on May 27.

Yes! You Are Good Enough by Trish Taylor

I picked up this book from Book Sirens because I struggle with Imposter Syndrome. I had expected much more than an elaborate pep talk. However, parts of the book are brilliant. The probing questions that make you consider whether you have the syndrome and the chapter on self-sabotage and overthinking were really good.

Review here:

Merlin Raj and the Santa Algorithm by D.G. Priya

This is a unique children’s picture book which introduces young children to the basics of coding in a story format. Merlin, the service dog, learns about algorithms at school with his owner, Matthew, and applies them to solve all the problems he comes across.

While I loved the heartwarming story, I am not entirely convinced that coding has been simplified enough for children to understand.

The illustrations were lovely and conveyed the emotions of the characters accurately.


Time Out by Emma Murray

This is one more book I had expected a lot from, but didn’t get.

It started off well, describing the struggles of early motherhood and the stress it places on a marriage. However, the plot kept meandering and I didn’t find Part II interesting enough, even though it lays the foundation for Part III.

The novel ends in a cliffhanger and I sense a sequel is coming soon.

Review to be posted on June 1.

Return of the Hypotenuse by Sunil Mishra

I’ve had this book with me for well over a month now.

It is a uniquely unique book on poetry in science and maths concepts and I’ve never seen anything like it. Lovely illustrations as well, which bring the poems to life.

The author/poet gives a brief description of the concept before sharing the poems, which helped refresh my memory.


Currently Reading

Rainy Days for the Harpers Girls

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour

Review to be posted on June 8.

Although this is Book 3, I’m told the book works as a standalone novel. I’ve just started and the reviews on Goodreads are quite promising.

Next Week

I have a few non-fiction books planned for next week along with books for blog tours.

Achieving Performance Results by William S. Hubbartt

Source: Reedsy Discovery

Genre: Business & Economics

Review to be posted on Jun 4.

Radiant Mommy by Ixiana Wilmot

Source: Reedsy Discovery

Genre: Health & Well-being

Review to be posted on Jun 7.

Summer in the City by Emma Jackson

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour

Genre: Romantic comedy

What did you read last week ?

Did you have a good week in reading?

What do you think?

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