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Imagine yourself in beautiful France with the sun warm on your face and a glass of wine in your hand…Jojo’s French Escape is the perfect summer read!

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Jojo's French Escape cover

My Thoughts

This novel is full of cute dogs, fancy French food, sun-kissed locations, and plenty of steamy intimate scenes.

I loved the message the author is sending–you’re more than the labels others put on you.

I am in agreement with Joanna when she distrusts intense blue eyes and charming Irish good looks. I’ve read too many romance novels to know that those aren’t necessarily good things. 🙂

But Cal (the charming guy in question) redeems himself with his sensitivity, empathy, and understanding–even in the face of monetary temptation.

I loved the scene where Joanna sticks up for herself in front of Sally and Aiden. I think it is the best one in this story.

One thing’s for sure–dogs and sensitive men make the whole world better!

Poppy and Leo’s wedding preparations were a distraction I did not need, and I was tempted to skip over those sections to get to the meatier part of the story.

Joanna has this whole internal dialogue going on in her head each time she meets a hurdle, and it is hard not to empathize with her being unable to trust after being hurt so badly.

I enjoyed this romance set in the south of France which also sends a thoughtful message to readers to not limit yourself to the labels that others give you.

Thank you to the author and Rachel’s Random Resources for my review copy!

Book Details

Standalone Book 3 in ‘A French Escape’ series

Genre: Women’s fiction, Romantic comedy

Publication date: May 22, 2020

Publisher: One More Chapter

Pages: 400


‘She had me at Bonjour! Warm, funny, deliciously French…this lovely story filled my heart with sunshine’

–Jane Linfoot

Imagine yourself in beautiful France with the sun warm on your face and a glass of wine in your hand…Jojo’s French Escape is the perfect summer read!

Trapped in paradise…

For twelve months JoJo Grant has been hiding from a secret too shameful to share.  And whilst her sanctuary might be the beautiful French countryside, JoJo has a horrible feeling that her peace is about to be shattered…because bursting into her life is the hottest celebrity chef around – Callum O’Connor.

Callum knows all about JoJo’s past, her time as a reality star, the scandal that has dogged her, but he isn’t sure why she’s still hiding?  After spending time with Jojo, it’s obvious to him that she has nothing to be ashamed of – she just needs to be a little braver…

But as much as JoJo likes Callum, he thrives on the glare of the outside world.  Can JoJo let go of her past…with Callum by her side?

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About the Author

Lorraine Wilson author

Lorraine Wilson writes flirty, feel-good fiction for One More Chapter – a Harper Collins imprint – and is unashamedly fond of happy endings. She loves hearing from readers and feels incredibly grateful to be doing the job she always dreamt of.

She splits her time between the South of France and Cambridgeshire and is usually either writing or reading while being sat on, walked over or barked at by one of her growing band of rescue dogs.

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