Blog Tour | Extract from An Implacable Woman by K.T. Findlay

Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…

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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for An Implacable Woman, a thriller by K.T. Findlay! I will share an extract from the book.

I highly appreciate that the author chose an extract considering my background.

In his words,

I chose this particular extract for Satabdi because it refers to a real-life Indian lady in the UK called Kiranjit Ahluwalia. It was one of three real cases going on in the UK at the time when this story is set, and it helps to galvanise Sally into real action.

The extract takes place on the golf course where Sally’s police pathologist friend Felicity strongly suspects that one of her surgeon colleagues is abusing his wife, and she’s enraged that the justice system seems unable to do anything to stop him.


An Implacable Woman cover

The following day she played a round of golf with Hilary, Susan and Felicity. Hilary and Susan were their normal chatty selves, but there was something clearly bugging Felicity.

Never one to beat about the bush, Sally waited until they arrived at the relative privacy of the second tee, then asked her directly. ‘What’s up Fliss?’

Felicity actually growled. ‘I’m just getting a bit frustrated about our green and promised land.’

The others just looked at her, waiting for her to go on.

‘I’m sure John Kirby is beating Grace again. She came into the hospital yesterday, scarf around her neck despite the heat, and loads of makeup around the left eye. She wouldn’t let me look at it either. She almost pushed me away!’

‘That’s not good –’ Susan started to say.

‘It’s not just her!’ snapped Felicity, talking over the top of her friend. ‘Last month a woman called Kiranjit Ahluwalia got so desperate she set her husband on fire, killing him. Nothing else could stop him. She’s going down for murder. Three days ago, Sara Thornton stabbed her husband to death, a man known to have repeatedly beaten and abused her. Why’d she do it? Because nothing else would stop him! Now she’ll go down for murder too. It’s driving me mental!! Do we have to sit on our hands and do nothing until Grace finds herself in the same situation? It’s insane!’

‘Surely they’ll get off on grounds of provocation?’ suggested Sally.

Susan shook her head. ‘No. The courts generally argue that provocation only works as a defence if the response is instant, which amongst men it usually is. If a woman responds instantly she’ll almost always lose because she’s physically smaller and weaker, so women wait, and if they strike at all it tends to be when their victim is asleep, or in a drunken stupor, when the man can’t hit back. Then the prosecution says they had plenty of time to cool down, or walk away, so it must have been premeditated.’

She caught the others staring at her. ‘It happens all the time. Don’t blame me! I don’t write the laws. I do the best I can, but I have to operate within the law.’

‘Then we need Selina back.’ said Felicity firmly.

‘You don’t really mean that Fliss.’ cajoled Hilary, forgetting it wasn’t so long ago that she’d said pretty much the same thing herself.

‘Don’t I just? He’d be an easy mark. He’s a creature of habit, same drinks, same meals, same car park, same shops, same time to play golf if he can, same holiday every winter, he even rides that precious bicycle of his around his “race track” in the hills every Wednesday. Up Tor track or some other place with a stupid name! It doesn’t matter if he’s urgently needed in surgery, Wednesday afternoons are sacred and off he goes. A man lost a leg last week because of that bloody bike!’

Sally laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. ‘Calm down Fliss. People are beginning to stare.’

‘Don’t you dare tell me the Serenity Prayer, just don’t!’ said Felicity, reverting to her growl. ‘At the very least I’m going to find a way to have the bastard fired!’

Felicity teed up her ball, addressed it, and sent it straight onto the green, on a par four hole.

Hilary was impressed. ‘So that’s what they mean by channelling your anger!’

‘And I,’ thought Sally to herself, ‘know exactly how to channel mine!’

About the Book

Standalone second book in the Sally Mellors series

Genre: Thriller/Dark Humor

Pages: 270

Publication date: May 16, 2020



If a tooth costs a tooth and an eye costs an eye

When a man hits his wife, then it’s his turn to die

Furious that the courts and police can’t prevent respected surgeon John Kirby from beating his wife, Sally Mellors steps in to save her. Permanently…

But Grace Kirby isn’t the only one who needs saving and Sally quickly discovers she’s taken on a much bigger job than she’d thought.

With her unique ability to blend justice with fun, Sally sets joyfully about the business of removing the monsters from women’s lives, but is she in danger of becoming a monster herself?

As her friends in the police get ever closer, Sally has some serious questions of her own to answer.

Additional Maps of where An Implacable Woman is set

About the Author

K.T. Findlay Author Photo

K.T. Findlay lives on a small farm where he dovetails his writing with fighting the blackberry and convincing the quadbike that killing its rider isn’t a vital part of its job description.

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As always, thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to host this book on my blog!

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