Reading Recap | What I Read Last Week (May 4 – May 10)

I read 3 romcoms last week!

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It seems like we have been on lockdown forever. Twice extended, and now it is supposed to be lifted on May 17–or not!

Corona fatigue has set in and I can’t seem to wake up feeling energetic any more. No matter how much I sleep or rest or let the housework slide, I still feel dull.

Without blog tours, I may have stopped reading altogether. (*shudders*)

Last Week:

I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d hoped to last week.

I can’t tell if it is the books (which I didn’t enjoy as much as I thought I would) or the fatigue that has set in over this pandemic and lockdown, but I am struggling to read properly.

The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn by Freya Kennedy

This is a book for all bookish people with the most superb quotes about all things books. Libby uses her savings to set up a bookshop, complete with writing nooks and a cafe, and it is a delight to follow her through all the preparations. However, the story is more than a bit predictable and the romance seemed underdeveloped for a standalone novel. If this is to be a series, then I think it works.

Review to be posted on May 11 (today!)

The Summer of Falling in Love by Liz Davies

The central character of this sweet book is not a human, but a puppy called Poppy. It should have been obvious by the cover, but I didn’t realize how much of the novel was devoted to the adorable creature. She is the reason her owner, Theo, finds love and regains his passion for teaching Maths. However, there was something off about the way the characters were developed and the romance was built up. I couldn’t get into the skin of the book and I kept waiting to feel bonded with the characters.

Review to be posted on May 15.

Just Another Silly Love Song

This book was really good, even though the middle of the novel was slow. Lori and Ben are RJs who answer relationship questions on air, but in completely different styles. They’re required to co-host a show and their mutual dislike causes them to bicker all the time–but their listeners love to hear them fight. Somewhere down the line, they fall in love but fight their feelings because their boss wants them to stay enemies and keep the ratings of their radio show rising. How they handle this forms the core of the story.

Review to be posted on May 19

Currently Reading:

Questions of Perspective by Daniel Maunz

I’ve just begun this book and it is certainly different from all the romantic comedies I have been reading so far. I think it’s a welcome change because all the stories were beginning to get predictable. I can’t tell where this novel is going yet. So far, it’s about lawyers and their lives in a smallish law firm.

Review to be posted on May 20.

Next Week:

I have 3 books lined up for next week–all for blog tours.

  1. Jojo’s French Escape by Lorraine Wilson
  2. The Plus One Pact by Portia Macintosh
  3. After Darkness by J.F.Johns

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