Reading Recap | What I Read Last Week (Apr 27 – May 3)

I’m just about on track for my blog tours but I think I shouldn’t indiscriminately sign up for everything! 😀

Last Week

Wayward Magic cover

Source: Reeds and Reels Blog Tour

Wayward Magic is Book 2 in the Magic Underground Anthology. While the stories are fascinating, they will make much more sense if you read Book 1 first. The stories end abruptly, so you’ll need to read Book 3 as well if you want to find out what happens.

Review to be posted on May 8.

A Shop Girl at Sea cover

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources Blog Tour

The story follows the romance between Amelia, a window dresser at Pennington’s retail store and Samuel, a seaman aboard the ill-fated Titanic. Impressively-researched book!

Review to be posted on May 10.

Little Tea cover

Source: Reedsy Discovery ARC

An eloquently-written book about friendships, family, and relationships in the backdrop of racism in the 1980s in Mississippi, Southern United States.

Review to be posted on May 15.

Did You Say Pasghetti? Dusty and Danny Tackle Dyslexia by [Tammy Fortune, Pieter Els]

Source: Reedsy Discovery ARC

An illustrated children’s book about dyslexia, which teaches children that having difficulty learning to read and write does not mean that they are stupid—just that their brains work differently. And that they should not give up trying.

Review posted on Reedsy:

Riddley-Doodley Drawings 1: US Edition (Lucia's Kindergarten Books) by [Lucia Muntean, Xaba Pete, Elena Mihoc, Anca Hopartean]

Source: Reedsy Discovery ARC

A book that teaches children (4-8 years) to draw different creatures and helps them draw shapes and patterns that they will need to master writing.

Review will be posted on Reedsy on May 30.

Next in Line

All 3 books for next week are for blog tours organized by Rachel’s Random Resources.

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