Book Review | Knock Knock, Lettuce In! by Brenda Ponnay

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My Thoughts

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What a cute and clever book! Amazing vegetable puns!

My 4-year-old cannot enjoy the knock knock jokes yet, but he loved the big, bright, and simple illustrations and the solid background colors. It was a good learning experience for him, too. He could name most of the vegetables, except for the ones we don’t eat–like kale and Brussels sprout.

Each vegetable is engaged in some activity, so my child had plenty of questions about them.

The jokes made me chuckle and I enjoyed the clever word play. I think children around the age of 9 or 10 should be able to understand them, especially if English is not their first language.

I think a physical copy would enhance the overall reading experience.

(I received an ARC from Book Sirens in exchange for an honest review.)

Book Details

Genre: Children’s Picture Books

Grade level: K-3

Publication date: August 15, 2019

Publisher: Xist Publishing

Pages: 28


Book Sirens:

The Garden has the Giggles in this funny joke book about vegetables.

Knock, Knock.

Who’s There?


Lettuce Who? Lettuce In and you’ll find out!

In this funny collection of illustrated jokes from Brenda Ponnay, little ones will laugh at their favorite vegetables.

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Purchase Links

Amazon India

About the Author

Brenda Ponnay

Mother by day, Secret Agent by night! Or at least that’s what I’ve been telling everyone on the internet for the last five years. The reality is I juggle motherhood and a bustling graphic design and illustration business all day long and deep into the night. The lines are blurred and that is what makes me a Secret Agent or a super hero, either one.

My daughter is my muse and she creeps into my art in the most unexpected ways (sometimes literally).


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