Reading Recap |What I Read Last Week (Apr 20 – Apr 26) | 3 novels, 1 children’s book

I am reading a book in 2 days now to meet my blog tour review commitments. Surprisingly, I’m still enjoying the stories and connecting with them. (Mentally patting my own back!)

We’ve adjusted to life in lockdown, and now I’m worried about what will happen when it is lifted and my family has to go out for work and school. What if there’s a second wave of the pandemic?

It’s a never-ending nightmare. Thankfully, my books are helping me keep my mind off it. I’m literally staying up nights to finish book after book but I don’t mind at all. 🙂

Last Week

Teaching His Ward cover

Source: Book Sirens


A sizzling hot regency romance, the pages of this book are on fire! There is an instant spark between the Earl of Southwell and his ward, without either of them knowing the true identity of the other. What follows is a string of inappropriate meetings and much confusion. Despite the instant romantic feelings, the expression of those feelings takes its time–giving us hilarious scenes in the mean time.


Luna's Birthday cover

Source: Book Tasters


This is a lovely children’s picture book about a 7-year-old girl having a birthday party in space and being brave enough to meet the moon, stars, sun, and planets. Her faithful cat, Buddy, accompanies her on these travels.


Willow's Wedding Vows cover

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour


The story is a lesson in why not to be a gullible fool. Charlie and Willow have been partners for 9 years, but Charlie is not interested in marriage. Perhaps that’s okay, but his cheating, lying ways are not. The book follows his unfaithful encounters and how he suddenly realizes that Willow is the woman he should marry.

Review: To be posted on May 5

The Five Year Plan cover

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources blog tour


This is such a well put together book that I read it in one day. A mature (by that, I mean no teenage drama!) love story about a couple who separate despite feeling attracted to each other because they want to focus on their respective careers, only to meet again after five years.

Do they revive their love or decide to bury their past forever? That’s what this book is about.

Review: to be posted on May 7

Currently Reading

Wayward Magic cover

Source: Reeds & Reels Book Tours


I’ve just begun this anthology of magic stories. The publisher recommends that I read the previous anthology in the series first, but I don’t have the time right now. I hope I can still enjoy the stories in this one.

The thing about stories involving magic is that I feel like I’ve stepped into an alternate world, leaving behind all my worries. I can forget about everything else and completely immerse myself in these stories.

Review: to be posted on May 8

Next Week (Apr 27 – May 3)

Next week, I have 2 books for Rachel’s blog tours, 1 book from Reedsy Discovery, 1 book from Booktasters, and 1 book from Book Sirens.

If I can keep reading at this rate, I should be okay for my blog tour commitments.

Wish me speed-reading luck! 🙂

P.S.: I’m feeling very guilty about putting off these two books, which I should have read and reviewed in Feb-March. I’m going to start on them very soon.

The Last Noah by David Cuff

The Last Noah cover

Source: Sandra’s Book Club


The Summoned Ones by Darryl Woods

The Summoned Ones cover

Source: Author


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