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The Worst Lie Cover

Book Details

Genre: Crime, murder mystery

Publication date: December 9, 2019

Pages: 300


Standalone Second Book in a Series


Madelaine had everything she wanted.​

Friends, a successful film career, and a loving boyfriend.​

Then she was dead.​

When Lexie Wyatt’s close friend Helen is frightened by an unexpected visit from an ex-university flatmate, Lexie is determined to help. She contrives an invitation to a weekend reunion of the group at one of England’s ancient stone circles. While there one of them admits they believe their long-dead friend was murdered.

Digging into the flatmates’ secrets, Lexie discovers they have lied. Have they also committed murder?

There is another death at the stone circles, and Lexie uncovers information that may connect the two crimes… and implicate her good friend.​

Is someone targeting the former students, or is the killer one of the group?

The Worst Lie is the second standalone novel in the exciting Lexie Wyatt murder mystery series.

If you like British crime novels featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this gripping tale of secrets, lies and obsession that leads to murder.

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I had the best time reading this book! It was a suspenseful and entertaining whodunnit.

Madelaine, a famous actress, died in suspicious circumstances ten years ago. She is part of a group of friends who studied/lived together while attending college. Her best friend refuses to believe she committed suicide. So, years later, she recreates the events surrounding Madelaine’s death to try and smoke out the murderer.

Just like Lexie (the MC), I tried to follow each character’s account of what happened at Little Stillford on that fateful weekend and match up the timelines. But the clues are so cleverly tucked away the in the folds of the conversations between people that my mind was spinning with many possibilities.

I thought I had the answer figured out more or less, but when the truth was revealed, I got confused. It wasn’t the neat and satisfying closure I was looking for. There’s a twist right at the end.

The story switches easily between two timelines:

a) Ten years prior to Madelaine’s death, and

b) The present.

The dialogues sound natural and each character’s personality is well-described, so I could vividly picture the people. The underlying tension was apparent from the body language of the characters. The relationship between the friends, which changes over the course of ten years, is intricate and readers need to pay close attention to keep up with them.

Until there was a mention of Lexie being involved in an incident earlier that resulted in her husband getting attacked, I did not realize that this was Book 2 in a series. There are no loose ends and all the information you need to understand the story is provided. So it works well as a standalone novel.

There’s a sense of justice delivered (even if you don’t agree with the method) at the end. You also realize that some personalities are devoid of empathy and can only think about themselves.

I recommend this murder mystery for several hours of nail-biting entertainment.

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About the Author

Shauna Bickley Author Photo

Shauna writes crime novels featuring characters who aren’t afraid to find murderers, solve mysteries and generally get themselves in all sorts of danger. In real life, Shauna wouldn’t be found doing any of these things.​

As well as murder mysteries and thrillers, Shauna also enjoys writing and reading contemporary women’s fiction with a little mystery and romance.​

Shauna has recently released two Christmas romance novels set in New Zealand (where Christmas is in summer). She has had short fiction published in the Awesome Indies Anthology, Bravado magazine and appeared in several competition anthologies.​

Shauna was born in England and now lives in the Waikato, New Zealand.

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