Book Review | I Work For Me by Snehal R. Singh

I Work for Me: 7 Steps for Successful Entrepreneurship

Book Details

Genre: Non-fiction

Publication date: May 9, 2019

Pages: 85

Format: Kindle


Source: Booktasters


Are you a budding entrepreneur?
Do you own a start-up business or are you planning one?
Do you want to make sure that you achieve all your goals and more?

Working for yourself is fun, exciting and liberating. It is also scary, demanding and exhausting. You want to succeed so badly, that you will put in any number of hours to make your business work, but there are ways to exceed your expectations without killing yourself in the process.

Now you can find the answers in I Work for Me: 7 Steps to Excel on Your Entrepreneurial Journey, a book written by an entrepreneur just like you, that provides advice like:
The importance of having faith
Turning ideas into plans
Managing your time
Building your brand
Being accessible and approachable
Facing your fears
And much more…

Being your own boss means making the decisions and standing or falling by them. There is nobody else to take the blame when things go wrong, and you are the one who will reap the rewards when you get it right.

I Work for Me provides the insights needed to help you make the right choices in your entrepreneurial journey and is a ‘must read’ book that every entrepreneur should have in their library.

My Thoughts

Rating: 3 out of 5.

What I most appreciated about this book is the straightforward approach and simple language used. The author does not use complex ideas or concepts to explain her point. The format of the book is easy to read, using plenty of bullet lists. Concepts/phrases are often repeated, which helps drive home the point and ensures greater memory retention.

The author explains her IMBRAND concept in the context of entrepreneurship, but I found her thoughts to be true of any endeavor in life. The step-by-step approach allows you to read the book in parts–and come back to re-read certain sections to refresh your memory.

Priyanka Chopra and Oprah Winfrey are mentioned as role models, and their life’s rules are discussed. The author also focuses on the power of gratitude, meditation, journaling, morning rituals, and positive thoughts to help one move ahead in life. She also makes an interesting distinction between the traditional way of socializing and the new-age, digital way of reaching out to people via social media.

What I found disappointing is the constant refrain to “do your own research” without offering many leads. The author mentions SEO, the Johari Window, and books, but does not elaborate much. Instead, she asks the reader to Google these terms if they’re not aware of it.

Especially on the section on SEO and social media, I feel she is vague and I would have liked to see more detail on how one can engage with people via social media. I agree the book isn’t about either of these topics, but I would have liked pointers to certain Youtube channels or names of certain people to watch out for (since she asks us to watch Youtube videos to learn concepts).

Nevertheless, this book is a good starting point if you want to strike out on your own in the world of business. She is a good motivating, positive voice for people who are not confident about their entrepreneurship abilities.

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About the Author

Snehal Singh

Snehal R. Singh is an Author, Life Coach and a Speaker on topics related to Life Fulfillment, Motivation, Self-Confidence, Personal Empowerment, and Wellness.

Find out more at

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