Reading Recap | Apr 6 – Apr 12 | 1 Women’s Fiction

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I had 3 books lined up for last week, but then I realized that a copy of Barefoot on the Beach by Katlyn Duncan hadn’t been sent to me. There’s still plenty of time for me to post my review (Apr 29) so I’m hoping to get it somehow.

I’m still not doing so well speed-wise, so I’m taking desperate measures now such as picking up my Kindle instead of my phone for a two-minute Twitter break between chores.

Last Week

Cover art of Sunshine over Bluebell Cliff by Della Galton

Who wouldn’t want to read a book with a cover as gorgeous as this? It delivers exactly what it promises–a feel-good, wholesome story about love, family, and relationships. There’s even a mystery thrown in, which I could not solve. The setting is sunny Dorset with pretty descriptions of the sea, beaches, lighthouses, elegant buildings, and a cute three-legged dog called Foxy.

I couldn’t find a Goodreads listing for this book, unfortunately.

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources; review to be posted on Apr 30.

Currently Reading

Cover art of I Work for Me by Snehal R. Singh

I’ve been putting this book off for too long, and it was a mistake. I should have started reading it much sooner. Even though the focus of the book is on entrepreneurship, I found that many of the tips could be applied to one’s everyday life to accomplish everyday things.

I’m 55% through the book and I should finish it soon!


Source: Booktasters

Next in Line

Even though I can barely finish two books a week, these are the stories I hope to finish next week:

I was supposed to finish this book last week, but I seem to be slowing down even more with each passing day. I don’t know what has happened. No use worrying over it–I’ll do the best I can.

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources; review to be posted on May 02

Marrow Jam by [Susan A. King]

I’ll be reading this lovely-looking book next week as part of a blog tour. According to the blurb, “Marrow Jam is a comedy crime caper in the spirit of Agatha Raisin. It will have you chuckling all the way through many a cup of tea.”

I really need more comedy in my life right now!

The book isn’t listed on Goodreads yet, so here is an Amazon India affiliate link:

Source: Rachel’s Random Resources

49990453. sx318 sy475

I’m really looking forward to reading this Historical Romance that I found on BookSirens. There are some great books to be found on that platform. I should go there more often.


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