Reading Recap | What I Read Last Week | May 30 – Apr 5

I’m beginning to get worried because I’m finding it more and more difficult to read. I still have time to read despite the added responsibilities, but I’ve lost the flow. I finished 1 psychological thriller this week and started 2 books–a murder mystery and a romantic comedy.

Last Week:

Trapped in the Rage of Revenge by Aero Jackson

Trapped in the Rage of Revenge is a debut psychological thriller by a 17-year-old girl. I was surprised to learn that the author is so young because the mature and dark content of the book had led me to believe otherwise.

The publisher had requested a testimonial for the book:

I’m due to post a review of this book on April 26 for a blog tour organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. It is a murder mystery set in the early 1980s when smartphones and the Internet were not in common use. I’ve been having trouble concentrating on the many characters in this book, but the protagonist–Sally Mellors–is one cool cucumber.

I’ve read around 23% but then, I kept it aside because I found my attention wandering. I want to do the book full justice and read it only when I’m in the right frame of mind. I still have some time before my review is expected, so I’ll wait.

I picked this romantic comedy up recently–just the sort of funny and light-hearted book I need to regain my reading mojo. I got this book from Rachel’s Random Resources and my review will be posted on April 28.

I am immensely enjoying the self-deprecating humor and the slightly sarcastic tone of Rosie’s (female MC) inner dialogue.

Next in Line

I have three happy-looking books scheduled for this week–all for blog tours organized by Rachel’s Random Resources.

Really looking forward to it!

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