Book Tag | Would You Rather Challenge (Bookish Edition)

Nobody’s tagged me for this, but I found it quite interesting. I saw this book tag at Dinipandareads and I’m using the same questions because I want to answer them! These questions were created by Mani’s Book Corner.

Would you rather have to read the last chapter of every new book first, or never read the last chapter?

I know I will never find peace if I don’t get to read the last chapter of a book, so I’d rather have to read the last chapter first than not read it all all. Often, the last chapter doesn’t make any sense unless you have enough context, so I don’t think it will spoil the book for me.

Would you rather have someone ruin the ending of a book for you or never finish a book you were reading?

I don’t really mind if the end of a book is ruined for me. A book is not just its ending–it is also how the story progresses, how the characters are fleshed out, whether the writing is immersive and “atmospheric,” and so on.

On the other hand, not being able to finish a book I’m reading would drive me crazy.

Would you rather lose your place or get a paper cut every time you read a book?

Even the thought of a paper cut makes me wince in imaginary pain. I’d rather spend time finding my place in a book than suffer a paper cut, thank you!

Would you rather be friends with Hermione Granger or Matilda?

I can’t answer this because I’m not familiar with either character. (I can hear you gasp.)

Would you rather wait five years for the final installment in a series or get it now, but must read every spoiler before you can start reading it?

As I’ve said before, I don’t really mind knowing the plot beforehand. But I can be patient and wait five years, but I’ll have to take notes or re-read the book because I have a bad memory w.r.t minute details.

Would you rather reread your least favorite book monthly or never be able to read your favorite book again?

My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice (and most of Jane Austen’s other books) and I cannot give it up. I would rather reread my least favorite book every month.

Would you rather read in an isolated cabin that was infested with spiders or in a noisy coffee shop with bad music?

Spiders have given me the heebie-jeebies ever since one managed to get into my dress and make me strip naked while screaming like a madwoman, so not happening for me. A noisy coffee shop with bad music will have to do!

Would you rather have the ability to read minds, but never able to read another book or live as you are now and keep reading?

This is not even a choice for me. I don’t want to know what other people are thinking. I want to stay away from people as much as possible. Just let me live as I am now and keep reading!

Would you rather read a novel based on a true story of someone you know or a fictional novel where a character is based on you?

I do want to read a fictional novel where a character is based on me. It would be so interesting to know how the author perceives me, and how I sound on paper.

Would you rather have a book where anything you write in it becomes true or have a book that contains all the knowledge of the universe?

I would love to have a book where anything I write becomes true. I can think of so many things I want to change in the world right now. What would I do with all the knowledge of the universe?


  • Answer the questions given to you by your nominator.
  • Make up your own questions and tag others.
  • Sounds easy, right? Well, let’s see…!

I spent more time thinking of these questions than thinking of the answers to my questions!

My questions:

  1. Would you rather read only books with 3-star reviews or give up reading altogether?
  2. Would you rather read the last book of every series or standalone books with the last chapter missing?
  3. Would you rather read books without blurbs or books without cover art?
  4. Would you rather read books of your least favorite genre or read only non-fiction books on your least favorite topic?
  5. Would you rather dogear the pages of your book or highlight passages with fluorescent highlighters?
  6. Would you rather be limited to buying only 5 books each month or be able to buy all the books you want, but have to post reviews of each book you read before proceeding to the next book?
  7. Would you rather be allowed to read all the books you want but not be able to DNF any book, or would you rather read 1 book a month and choose whether you want to finish it?
  8. Would you rather read books written by an author whose personal views don’t match with yours, or would you rather read books written by an author whose works you don’t understand?
  9. Would you rather read only e-books or would you rather only listen to audiobooks?
  10. Would you rather read books with your least favorite trope or would you rather read books in your least favorite genre?

I don’t know who would like to do tags, so I’m not tagging anyone. Please feel free to try this out if it seems interesting!

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  1. Great answers Satabdi!!


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