Reading Recap | What I Read Last Week (Mar 3 – Mar 9) | 1 Hindi Poetry Collection | 3 Novels | 1 MG fantasy

This week, I was able to recover from my reading slump. I switched up the usual reading fare with some surreal Hindi poetry and a middle grade urban fantasy novel.

Kash Tum Samajh Pate by Dr. Manisha Yadava was like a breath of fresh air. I can read English, Hindi, and Bengali. Although I mostly read English books, I enjoy the occasional Hindi and Bengali books as well. This book is a collection of 35 poems on a wide variety of topics, ranging from communal harmony, women’s empowerment, terrorism, and life and love. [5 stars — My review.]

All the Beautiful Liars by Sylvia Petter needs to be read in two sittings, at the max, to fully appreciate it. I had begun it in the previous week but couldn’t make much headway because I was mentally disturbed by events happening in my country. The mystery begins to unravel after the halfway mark, and then this book gets really, really interesting! [4 stars — My review will be posted on March 20]

Mayhem at the Mission by Laura Eltherington was a disappointing read. The cover art promised a delicious mystery novel, but what I got was a far cry from it. The mystery angle is like a side thread and the female protagonist’s life as a nun-in-training takes precedence. [2 stars — My review]

Forget Me Not by Anca Antoni was a surprisingly enjoyable book. I say “surprising” because I am not particularly fond of fantasy or young adult novels, but this book was engaging and immersive. I loved the Otherworld populated by vampires, werewolves, Lycans, witches, demons, hellhounds, and fairies. I cannot wait for the sequel! [5 stars — My review will be posted on March 20]

Brittle’s Academy for the Magically Unstable by Lily Mae Walters was a quick and entertaining read. My first middle grade fantasy did not disappoint. It brought back memories of devouring books by Enid Blyton. It was also reminiscent of Harry Potter, which, by the way, I have not read but I have seen snatches of the movies and heard of the plots. [4 stars — My review will be posted on April 13]

Next in Line

I have three interesting books lined up for next week — 2 science-fiction books (The Last Noah and iRemember) and 1 historical fiction (The Secret of Scripture).

Purchase Links

The Last Noah:

The Secret of Scripture:


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