Reading Recap | What I Read Last Week (Feb 25 – Mar 2)

I had a disappointing week . The images and videos of the Delhi riots were so disturbing that I had trouble focusing on my book. I couldn’t sleep well, either. I didn’t finish any books, but I did take up a new book of Hindi poetry (a review request).

All The Beautiful Liars by Sylvia Petter

Cover art of All the Beautiful Liars by Sylvia Petter

“Inspired by her own life story, Sylvia Petter’s richly imaginative debut novel, set between the new world and the old, is a powerful tale about making peace with the past and finding closure for the future.”

Sylvia’s Blog:

Amazon India:

I’m still only 23% in but it has been interesting from the word go, so I would recommend it.

Kash Tum Samajh Pate by Manisha Yadava

Cover art of Kash Tum Samajh Pate by Manisha Yadava

“Kash Tum Samajh Pate” is a collection of 35 Hindi poems. Through the poems presented in this book, the author has tried to take your attention from a woman’s perspective to the social environment, the political situation going on in the country and the purposeful acts of a destructive section of our society.”

Amazon India:

I’m reading a Hindi book after ages so the going has been slow. Next week, there will be a review for sure!

Next Week’s Plans

Considering my state of mind and the consequent reading slump, I am going to be less ambitious and line up only two books for next week.

(Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)

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