Reading Challenge | #armedwithabingo update: Feb 2020

When I took up the #armedwithabingo reading challenge, I never thought it would open the floodgates of reading for me. Until last year, I was reading sporadically. I felt exhausted all the time, and it didn’t help that housework and my preschooler demanded all of the little energy I had.

Something has changed, although I can’t quite put my finger on it. I did quit Facebook and Instagram altogether, and I use Whatsapp sparingly. Perhaps it has helped me find my focus.

I read whenever I can–and I don’t watch anything on Netflix or Amazon Prime unless it comes highly recommended.

I have too much to do, and too little time!

Here’s an update of the books I’ve read so far for the challenge:

I had planned to read 2 books per month for the challenge, so I’m right on schedule!

A story about family/friendship: Malnourished by Cinthia Ritchie | 5 stars [full review]

A book of your choice: Orson (The Lucid Chronicles #1) by David J Pearson| 5 stars [full review]

An anthology/poetry collection: Women Under Scrutiny by Randy Susan Meyers: 4 stars [full review]

A book by an indie author: Outrush by Errin Stevens: 4 stars [full review]

March plans

A book published in 2020: The Italian Cure by Melodie Campbell

A book from the last decade (2010-2019): Star and Fire by R. Parr

I got both books from Net Galley and I’m looking to up my feedback ratio, so wish me luck!

What do you think?

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