ARC Review: Outrush by Errin Stevens

Title: Outrush (The Mer Chronicles: Book III)

Author: Errin Stevens

Pages: 355

Genre(s): Chick Lit, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Fiction

Publication date: Feb 14, 2019

Publisher: Self-published

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Maya’s headlong rush into marriage isn’t working out… and it isn’t the only collision course she’s on these days. Her saltwater distractions aside, her father-in-law wants her gunned down for reasons unknown, and her pesky bodyguard – when he’s around – seems intent on drowning her in want and regret. Maya is desperate to hold onto any small part of herself she understands. When escape becomes her only option, she finds herself in a race against a past – and a man – she can’t outrun.

My review:

It is fitting that this paranormal romance is being published on Valentine’s Day!

Even though I have not read the first two books of The Mer Chronicles, there was enough information for me to understand the history of the siren community, the reason behind their mistrust of humans, and their fascinating extra-sensory ways of perception.


Errin weaves a magical blanket of words, which has the power to transport you into her otherworldly domain, sprinkled with the scent of sea and salt, and embrace you in its intoxicating hold. The tender scenes between the protagonists, Maya and Aiden, are vivid and poetic. The writing employs imagery the likes of which I have not seen often. Here’s a sample: “Memories seeped languidly from some buried cistern of her past like it was cracked. Rivulets of recognition wound their way through her mind.”

However, the wordiness does slow down the narrative at times, especially when there’s too much introspection going on, making me impatient and tempted to skip a few lines.


Plot-wise, the focus is on the romance between Maya and Aiden, and how they fight off objections from various quarters to unite. Of course, there’s a mysterious side story whose resolution we shall see in Book Four.


As a character, I found Maya perplexing. She asserts that she is a strong-willed woman, yet allows everybody to push her around. She displays immense forbearance for somebody who has been mistreated for years. In a bid to make Maya seem saintly, every other character comes off as selfish and manipulative.

Aiden’s extra-sensory abilities were interesting and explained in enough detail to help me visualize the scenes. I found the mind reading scary and intrusive, though. Can’t a partner have private thoughts?

Final thoughts

I enjoyed the heady, intense paranormal romance and the vivid introspection and imagery. Outrush works as a standalone book, and has enough teasers to make you want to read all the other books to find out more about sirens and their connection with humans.

(I received a copy from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review. This review was first published here. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)

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