Book Tag: The Book Addiction Tag

I saw Kathryn Randell’s  tweet about the Book Addiction Tag and I found it very interesting. Although nobody’s tagged me to do this post, I thought it was good idea.

Here are my bookish responses:

What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

Pre-baby, I would have felt lost if I didn’t pick up a book within 2-3 days of completing the previous one. Things have changed drastically for me after becoming a mother. I have gone by without a book for as long as a month. I’ve simply been too exhausted!

Now, with my child having started preschool, I have more time to read. I’m slowly picking up the pace, doing what I have always loved–getting lost in a book.

How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

My Kindle Unlimited subscription allows me to carry 10 books at a time, plus I have around 200 books on my device (some read, some unread). I usually carry my Kindle everywhere–it takes up less space and is convenient.

Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

I used to have trouble giving away my physical books, but with a child in the house, we’re short of space. So I have donated some of my books, especially fiction books, to second-hand bookstores.

How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

A minimum of 1 hour. If the bookshop has space to sit and read, I could spend 1.5 hours – 2 hours.

How much time per day do you actually spend reading?

I’ve never really paid attention to the time I spend reading each day. I read whenever I find the time–waiting for the milk to boil, traveling to the doctor’s clinic, at the park where my child plays, etc. I read continuously for an hour or two after my child goes to sleep. So, I  probably read for 1-1.5 hours per day.

Where does the task, “picking up a book” appear on your daily to-do list?

Picking up a book has never been an issue. Picking up too many books and struggling to finish them is the real problem!

How many books do you reckon you own in total (including eBooks)?

Around 150 books

Approximately how often do you bring up books in a conversation?

I have often been made fun of for being a bookworm, so I do not bring up books in a conversation unless I’m sure that the person(s) I’m talking to will appreciate what I have to say. Usually, I talk about a book when people discuss its movie adaptation.

What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, 1037 pages

Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds (i.e. searching bookshops, online digging, etc.)?

No, I read whatever I can get my hands on. If I can’t borrow it or find it easily in bookshops, I make a note and look for it later at second-hand bookshops or online stores.

A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. My mother has a copy of the book, but it wasn’t as arresting as I thought it would be. In fact, the movie was better (and I never thought I’d say this!)

What are three of your main book goals for 2020?

  1. Read at least 24 books this year.
  2. Post book reviews consistently.
  3. Follow more book bloggers and learn from them.
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a read (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?

I got my mother to read How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, but sadly, she didn’t enjoy it at all.

Describe what books mean to you in five words.

Pleasure. Escape. Precious. Addiction. More!

I’d love to hear your responses. Please tag me on your Book Addiction tag post!

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7 thoughts on “Book Tag: The Book Addiction Tag

  1. Such a fun tag. I love How to Kill a Mockingbird Bird and tried to get my uncle interested in it. But he returned it to me after a few days. I will be doing this tag soon..😇💜

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