ARC Review: Bookquarium Magazine (Vol 1) by Frank Marcopolos & QR Maber

An eclectic collection of stories and poems written with wit and humor

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Rating: 3 out of 5.

Quite an eclectic bunch of stories and poems in this volume! My favorites were “Icky” (short story) and “Love on Top of a Washing Machine” (poem).

Belying the titles, both pieces exude sensitivity and warmth. “Icky” starts off in an ordinary manner, but quickly escalates into a psychological thriller. I almost did a double take when “Icky” ended, so unexpected was the twist. “Love on Top of a Washing Machine” is eloquent, raw, and heartrending.

The poems are thought-provoking and incorporate layers of meaning, making each subsequent reading full of surprises and fresh insights. Equally interesting are the short stories–and each of them have a twist that is bound to leave most readers guessing until the end.

No two pieces are similar; this volume is a well-rounded collection guaranteed to give you several hours of pleasurable reading. The language is simple yet purposeful; just the right words used to convey the appropriate emotions.

“The Bitcoin Heist” is both funny and gritty, as it follows the desperate muggings of two drug addicts who try to fund their next drug-addled euphoria. “Cato and Foyle” has a long build-up which does not disappoint–so diabolical is the ending! “Tock-Tick” plays with your mind and leaves you wondering who Allie really is.

I’d recommend readers to take their time to dwell upon each piece, instead of reading through the volume in one go. I’m sure you’ll feel compelled to come back to the stories again and again as you try to figure out just what happened!

(I received an ARC from Reedsy Discovery. This review was first published here.)

Available at Amazon India

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