ARC Review: Druids are from Outer Space, Aliens are from England by Len Murphy

Rating: 3/5

The title of the book is a bit misleading because I was expecting the story to lean more heavily on UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, and ancient Celtic lore. But, what I wasn’t prepared for was the crackling, movie-worthy action scenes and drama featuring an assorted group of people–teenagers, college professors, public servants, police officers, and of course, aliens!

Len Murphy has seamlessly woven information on topics like ancient folklore, traditions and customs, crop circles, alien abductions, and steganography into conversations. His scientific descriptions (e.g. Jose’s basement, the Faraday suit, the medallion’s mode of action) are altogether believable.

Throughout the narrative, the British Fletcher Jain and the American Dailey siblings speak the teenage language of their respective countries. This also leads to humorous situations where they misunderstand each other. I had to look up several words because I wasn’t familiar with them!

Fletcher is appropriately mysterious–but I thought his secret was revealed too soon. The Daileys are textbook teenager siblings–too inquisitive for their own good, enterprising, and loyal to each other. Most conveniently, their parents are busy with their own lives, leaving them to conduct their adventures without interference. A parallel story line with Professor Wu and his daughter runs steadily along, until they cross paths toward the very end.

Murphy has devoted a lot of space to describing the scenes, but I felt it broke the flow of the narrative. Nevertheless, I had fun keeping up with the innumerable twists and turns the story took–often going back to re-read a chapter to understand what had happened.

The book is perfect for its target audience: young adults. It combines thrilling action, extraterrestrial contact with humans, and a bunch of plucky teenagers (and a professor) doing what it takes to save the world from annihilation.

(I received an ARC of the book from Reedsy Discovery. This review was first published here.)

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