ARC Review: Unschooling for Parents by Hope Johnson

Rating: 3/5

This book is a mystical, unique take on parenting, and I could relate to many of the challenges that Johnson writes about, such as wanting to leave the family home for some time to recover one’s peace of mind or feeling like an inadequate mother. Her approach to parenting isn’t easy to implement because it requires you to first understand the mystical concepts and then practice them regularly.

True to the title, you will need to rise about your conditioned beliefs and view yourself, your children, and the family setup in a completely different manner.

The book is very well-written, with short chapters and succinctly-explained concepts. Johnson doesn’t ramble unnecessarily or stretch a topic to the point of boredom. She presents nuggets of wisdom gleaned from the chapter as a sort of recap at the end. I found these very useful to help me assimilate what I’d learned so far.

This guide to parenting isn’t for everybody, and Johnson says so herself:

Many of the concepts and views presented in this book may seem lofty and/or difficult to attain, but reading or listening to this book will inform your inner teacher that you are ready to remember what you inherently know, but have temporarily forgotten.”

Hope Johnson

She prefaces her book with an introduction to herself, her life story, and the challenges she faced as a child, a young adult, and a mother of several children.

“Unschooling for Parents” is nothing like the usual parenting guides you find on bookshelves, and I would recommend it to people who want to go beyond what they have always known to be true and try to see things from a fresh, spiritual perspective.

(I received an ARC of the book from Reedsy Discovery. This review was originally posted here.

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